Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rain and Broken Washing Machines.

It's been dreary this week. Today is 64 and rain.
I think I would like one day out of the week to be like this during summer months.
It gives me time to catch up on inside work and not feel like I'm missing the sunshine outside.

We went to the library. Three of the kids signed up for the summer reading program.
We dropped bags off at goodwill. We went to the grocery store.
We baked bread and cookies this afternoon.

I washed two loads of laundry at my neighbor's house...Why at my neighbor's house you ask?
My washing machine is broken.

It's a very fancy washing has no business breaking!
The sad thing is...I have been doing so well keeping up!
I felt so June Cleaver-ish! I was organized and on top of  the laundry piles!
Oh well..I'll get there again.... soon as the $100 part we ordered comes in and Mr. Handsome fixes it for me. :)
Funny how we take our washing machines for granted until we don't have one anymore.

{Fresh Bread}

{Girls counting rain drops}

{Radishes from my neighbor's garden}
Happy Wednesday to you.


  1. I was giving thanks for the washer today...the dog had a bath, and I washed his bed cover. Such a difference. Thankful you have a handy handsome too. It is a wonderful thing. :) Ouch on the price of the part though!
    Love to you all.

  2. You broke your washing machine keeping up with all that laundry, the poor thing was worked to a frazzle.
    Yes, rainy and gloomy summer days are a blessing. A good excuse to slow down (as much as possible with a house-full!)
    My children are done with school next week, can't wait!

  3. Bummer on the broken washing machine. I would LOVE to have a rain day here, it would be a nice break from the scorching heat. The pictures are all so dreamy...I can almost smell the rain from here. :) xo-Chris