Monday, July 7, 2014

Corny Old Navy T-Shirts, how I love you....

{Growing Baby...26 weeks ^^^}

Nothing says 4th of July like....
....grilled food, watermelon, corny Old Navy t-shirts, fireworks, sparklers
and most of all friends and family. I'm sad it's already over this year.

Forever my parents have hosted a 4th of July party.
Forever my brothers and husband have put on their own firework display after we've already seen small town fireworks together. It's one of the days we most look forward to out of the entire year.
(I may say this after every holiday ;) But really, I do love the 4th of July!

Can't wait to see baby with our little group next year! ^^^

Summer...continuing on. Happy Monday.


  1. Ahhhhh---->love it! Those cookies look like the Lofthouse cookies sold in stores. If they taste like them may want to consider sharing the recipe (insert winking emoticon and thumbs-up emoticon)! Cheesy Old Navy t-shirts are a win...we used to have the same tradition of buying shirts from there and I think it got lost somewhere between Emma and Trey's births. It will be so fun to see a tiny little baby squeezed into the middle of this picture. Xo -Chris

  2. Can't wait to see the baby in your family picture next year!

  3. It is the gathering together that makes it special. I just had my two guys, but we had a great view of fireworks from the deck, and some special food...blueberries and watermelon are so yummy, and the right colors!

  4. You are THE most adorable pregnant woman!! A baby bump looks so good on you. :)
    And it looks like a happy 4th!

  5. Love your "corny" shirt as well. The 4th is also one of my fav holidays b/c my brother hosts it and always does such an amazing job. He also does his own firework show. My dad forgot to bring the watermelon this year but we had all the rest included homemade soft serve ice-cream. Yum! I got your msg that you finally read my post on colored jeans... :-P Better late then never. Maybe we will get to meet this fall...if everything pans out we have tentative plans to try to make it to Chicago for our anniversary.