Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Next 90 Days.

Love my little potato peelers...
with them old enough to help in the kitchen, it's much more fun and efficient!

Eighteen pounds of cherries...lots of cherry jam.
My fingers are still stained purple.

Ice cream with cousins in between swimming sessions.

{My baby sister is getting married!!! ^^^}

Let me just say, our summer just exploded with busy. It's all good things, fun things, but oh so much.
(Amid all of this hustle, bustle craziness, I WILL find a day to go to the beach! I will! ;)

Over the next 90 days here's what's coming up....

......working farmers markets. showers, personal showers and all the fun stuff that goes along with weddings.

.......a WEDDING! oldest son is part of a huge Quinceanera celebration.
He is actually the "Head Chaperone". {more on that later!}
Sooooo, we will be attending a Cotillion later this month.

...between my family and Jeff's, there are 19 birthdays in the next 90 days.

......taking care of our garden...picking, drying, freezing...etc.

....lots and lots and lots of canning to do,
especially once tomatoes are ready. and peaches. and apples. and raspberries...oh boy...

...the start of a new home school year which I need to plan and get ready for.

..and I'm having a baby!!!!
I am so not ready. {materialistically speaking} I'm ready, really ready to meet the baby,
I just don't have "stuff"  ready...all I own is a decorative duck I bought from an antique store! Ha.
I guess I've been putting things off because I have no idea what I'm having, so I don't know what to buy.
I'm sure once I get started I'll be on quite a roll.

Happy Evening to you.


  1. Oh my, I am sweating just reading this!! How exciting for you all! I was wondering when you would start back up at the farmer's markets. I have never had cherry jam, sounds delicious. Xo-Chris

  2. OH my goodness, what a crazy 90 days!! That sounds like us two summers ago! :) So many wonderful good things - just too bad they aren't spread out in 365 days instead of 90! I hope it all goes really really well for you. :) xoxo

  3. You are so industrious, especially being pregnant!
    We now have a thyme plant in our garden, thanks to your last post! :)

  4. We are entering into canning season as well. Canned 14 quarts of green beans before our camping trip. Tomatoes will be next which is our main crop in our little space. We usually make spaghetti sauce and fresh salsa as well as just canning them. I made a little bit of freezer jam this year with the cherries I picked at my brother's house that didn't fit into the pie. It was so easy to make with the instant pectin. I will have to make more when I have an overabundance of fruit.

    Hope you get your beach day and I am curious about the Quinceanera celebration. Looking forward to knowing more about that.

  5. You have a lot to look forward to, my dear!! HUGS ~ and thanks for posting....I always love your thoughts and pictures.