Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nothing Really. Part #17.

1. Love the pretty pink summer flowers outside my sister's. I think they are Day Lilies..I should ask.

2.Finally! Fresh salads from the garden. Have I ever mentioned how much I love summer food?
{Spinach, cucumbers, blueberries and feta cheese}

3.My girls were with my sister yesterday afternoon into the evening.  (They stayed for dinner and ate Brussels sprouts...and loved them...yuck!) When I pulled into the driveway they were outside doing a bible study. Then she let them pick flower bouquets to give to me. :)

{27 1/2 weeks} I wrote on instagram that I need a teenager to give me "selfie" lessons. Ha!
I have no idea how girls take them. and guys for that matter.

The past couple days have been so cool and beautiful.
Today is only a high of 66. Crazy for July...but we'll take it!

Hope you're having a good week.


  1. That salad had me at HELLO! I think you were the one who taught me to put blueberries in my salad several summers ago. :) It's blueberry season here too, and we are just loving it!!

    Your sister having a Bible Study and spending time with your girls... melt me in a puddle right there. WOW. They are so incredibly blessed to have an aunt like that!!

    Teenager or not, your selfies ROCK. :) I'll take yours over the million others out there anyday. xoxo

  2. I have been throwing blueberries in everything lately! Hello, super food. Yes, those are daylillies. So sweet to see them all at Biblestudy, and the bouquets for mommy. We all like the focus of that selfie :)