Thursday, July 24, 2014

When your uncle is a master drummer..... learn new tricks and your djembe sounds a whole lot cooler.
Uncle Charlie is always fun to do music with.

Sammy saved quite a while for this little drum, they aren't cheap. (in kid terms ;)
We believe in kids buying their own instruments....they take it more serious if they put the money out.

I also believe in only good quality instruments...
...if you have a good instrument, you'll be more apt to play.
If you buy something that sounds like Fisher-Price.... will end up in the corner with all the other plastic toys!
{someday ask me about my great online violin deal..or don't!...Ha!} 

The garden is growing full force...cucumbers and beans and lemon balm galore.
It's so easy to eat healthy this time of year! Baking cookies isn't as appealing as it is in January.
Not to say I haven't been eating my share of sugar...pregnancy has given me the biggest sweet tooth!

{like this for example ^^^'s basically Christmas in a box...I can't get enough.}

{28 1/2 weeks}

Friday we work our first market of the season.....Alex and I.
He's my market partner and muscles for the summer.
Heavy lifting is kind of out of the question for me this year...
...especially since my due date falls during market season. ;)

A quote I read from AnnVoskamp this morning....

Hey soul? Come close here-- It's going to be okay... 
That Mount Everest you're climbing today? God is greater.
Those obstacles you're facing right now? God is greater. 
This storm you're weathering through? God is greater.
Today, just hold on to these three words, your refrain for the climbing, the overcoming, the pressing through wind: God. is. Greater.

I loved it.
So hard to digest when you're going through something, but oh so true.
She hits home so often with her Godly wisdom and sweet thoughts.
Still one of my favorite writers.

Mango smoothie cheers to summer.


  1. What an awesome quote! Just found your blog and am enjoying reading through it!

  2. Love the quote! You are beautiful, and have a pregnancy glow about you. Lorraine Roggie

  3. He is greater still! Yes, so good. You look beautiful! Love that dress on you. Happy summer! That table looks fab as well. Agree on the instruments. We were blessed with a special violin on loan when David played. Blessings to you all.

  4. Good to hear from you, sweet Liz. The drummer pictures are great. You're looking sooo pretty and pregnant. I thought of you when we drove thru Chicago on July 4. :) Happy marketing....

    1. Wait! What? You were in Chicago on the 4th??? I would have loved to have seen you! I need to do some catching up on your were so close. You could have ate dinner with us!!!