Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4 Things.

1. Jeff has been measuring our kid's heights since they were able to stand.
He pulled out the tape measure a couple weeks ago...
Not sure when number 2 passed up number 1??? But it happened..sometime in August. Crazy!

2. Back to granola baking season. It's also what Alex wanted for breakfast on his birthday.
This is my favorite recipe...not healthy, but it tastes good.

3. 37 1/2 weeks and counting....
My babies usually come early, but Jeff asked if I could please wait with this one..busy work schedule.
"No problem honey...I'll stay 100 months pregnant as long as you need me to.
Just keep the Tums stocked, okay?" {that was sarcasm if you didn't catch it}

4. First cider candle of the season. It's my favorite kind!
Our house smells like fall now.

Happy Tuesday to you.


  1. And how does your oldest feel about the 2nd being taller than him? ;) My oldest son's shoe size went from a 5 to 8 in 3 months! how can that be??!
    Your pregnant belly is tiny still! and almost 40 wks? wow, super exciting!

  2. Your second is taller than your first? That's so fascinating! How much of an age gap is there?
    I'm going to try your granola recipe, we've been buying it which I know is much more expensive....I love to eat it over yogurt for breakfast.
    I love the belly picture of you....I remember those feelings of longing in the last weeks, wanting so much to hold my newborn.
    candles are beautiful this time of year!
    Happy Wednesday, Liz!

  3. My 4th (age 6) is almost as tall as my 3rd (age 8). I expect him to pass up his bro in the next few months. People already ask if they're twins.

  4. Can't wait to hear baby news!!!