Monday, September 1, 2014

...and just like that she's married.

Morning broke.
It was raining..a gentle peaceful, slow rain.
The make-you-curl up-snuggle-and-hit-the-snooze-button kind.

The bridal breakfast and primp festival was to take place at my house...6:30 am. Sharp.
My mom's 6:24 am text was what really woke Jeff and I up from our cozy Saturday morning bed.

Within minutes ladies began to arrive at our home. {including her fabulous photographer }
We had a lovely, girly spread. The air was thick with hair products and perfume.
Flower crowns put together. Photos snapped. Coffee guzzled..uh, sipped.
Everything you'd expect a pre-wedding celebration to be...from the female perspective of course.

My brother and sister in law own an old feed store with a giant barn connected in the back.
The place is very unique and overflowing with potential.
What they've done to restore the place so far is amazing. It's beautiful and rustic and I love it!

My sister Gianna has worked at the store this past year and
really wanted her wedding to take place in the barn.

Lots of work in a short amount of time (especially from my brother!)...
...and our awesome family (and a few friends) working together....
....that is what pulled the whole thing off.

It was an early wedding...10:30 am {a light lunch followed}
By the time we arrived at the barn there was barely a sprinkle falling...
....the weather cooled off and the rest of the day {for the most part} was beautiful!

Jason {my new brother in law} is in the military.
He recently graduated from West Point in New York and is now stationed in Texas.
So...she's gone. My baby sister now lives states and states away.

Here are a few pictures I took...
I'll put up a link for you when Evangeline Renee puts up the "real" pictures.
I've seen a couple in her sneak peek....(and you can too if you click the link,
it takes you to her fb page where she put a few up...I am excited to see the rest. :)

(Stole this picture off facebook ^^^
Love my old friend Maggie...who I actually used to babysit for...
...I was a REALLY young babysitter! ;)

A few of the boys. Some old, some new.
Something you'll never lack for in our family...a cousin.

Marriage is such a beautiful gift God has given to us.
I am so excited for my sister and her new husband as they begin their journey in life together.

Not to say there weren't lots of tears Saturday afternoon as they pulled away in that old Ford. Ha!
We'll be looking forward to Christmas...that's when we'll probably see them next.

And I won't get all teary eyed on you as I think about NOT seeing her working at the orchard, or going to get Salty Caramel Mochas from Starbucks together like we do in the fall, or having my girls jump in the car with her for a quick run to the store.....Okay, I'm stopping now. *sniff, sniff*

Happy evening...hope your weekend was grand.


  1. Sweet! Good thing you could roll out of bed and then do the primping :) Family is such a blessing, and weddings, sigh, the best. I miss my boys so much, but I am so blessed to know they are oh so blissfully/happily married, and I have grandchildren!!! My here, one far away. So I agree of the sniff, sniff. Cathy is 1 1/2 hours from our group in Maine now, so they will get that benefit.

  2. Oh, and you all look gorgeous! Your little girls have such dreamy eyes!

  3. What a beautiful wedding!! Sister weddings are so much fun. I'm sad that I don't have another sister to get married!
    You are all just so stunning, and your little girls are so beautiful too! Loved seeing these pictures. :)

  4. The spread of food looks absolutely beautiful! A wedding in a barn sounds so rustic and magical. Lovely photos! xo -Chris

  5. Oh my my, Liz, she is going to miss you all sooooooo much. Send her lots of happy mail! :) She's a beautiful bride, what a gorgeous couple! May God bless them.

  6. Love it!!! She was positively radiant- such a gorgeous wedding. There's something about military weddings that especially choke me up. Just thinking of the sacrifice that lies ahead for them. I know you'll miss her, and she you! So glad for Skype and all the quick social media things that keep us better connected to those far away.

    You were stunning too, friend. Prettiest pregnant mama I know. :))