Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dear Summer,

Society has officially, unofficially ended you with the start of September.
People are excited for their "favorite" season...crisp, colorful, beautiful fall.

You probably have hurt feelings,
people rushing you out of here with pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider doughnuts.

But listen...people are upset this year.
Let's take a look back at what you've done during your short visit...
...the visit we all looked forward to soooo much during those frigid February days we had.

Here we go.... and pepper plants were ruined and many people lost plants due to a fungus that comes from too much rain. Yeah, you gave us lots of rain. Too much rain.
....but we looked forward to July where the days would be hot and sunny.

But no.... gave us chilly weather in July. One night it was even 49 degrees..unheard of in summer!

You mocked us in August with your hot, humid yet rainy, un-swimmable weather.
Time and money wasted keeping our {ever turning green} pools algae free and clean.

Now...the kids have gone back to school, public pools closed, cucumbers are tasting bitter...
....and all of a sudden you decide to be you! Summer!

Today 85 and sunny. Tomorrow 95 and sunny?!? Really?
We haven't had this all year long.

I get it, you're feeling bad, you want us to still like you. You're trying to hang on.

Okay, we forgive you for letting us down...we know there's always next year.
But for now, people are ready to move's not you, it's us. Really.

We'll welcome you again...I promise.
I know next May I will happy when you will everyone else.

I'm thankful for the last few days we have...
and for that sharp, sapphire, blue sky you only give in September.

We'll have ice cream and pick tomatoes and most likely swim for the last time this week.

After that, watch out!
Scarves and boots and pumpkin bread and chili and soup and bon fires and apple sauce and salted caramel mochas and sweaters and soon after that...Mittens! Okay, I'll slow down...but seriously..

...I'm so excited it's almost fall.
Because I just love fall AND our new baby will be arriving!

Happy Evening.


  1. Please don't hurry summer out of here! I don't mind at all if it stays around past its due date this year (now for my little boy- he may not take up residence on my property past his due date!!). And if summer must leave, I am hoping for a NICE sunny fall with warm days and cool nights that last well into November!! Fall is usually my favorite season, but yes, I feel we were cheated out of summer and I am just not ready to give it up yet!

  2. this! Yes, there is much to look forward to in the fall season--->especially with a new BABY on the way!! Excited for you! xo -Chris

  3. well ya could move to FL...or TX ;) it's been hot hot hot in both states since, ohhh, I think since March :) We are looking forward to cooler temps and the coming holidays and all that comes with the changing season. But, yes, wouldn't have been a lot of fun not getting to swim much, or be inside looking out the window at all the rain.