Friday, November 7, 2014

"Mom, those puffy bags under your eyes...

....they make you look pretty."

I hadn't looked into the mirror yet! I have puffy eyes? Ugh.

Oh dear daughter of mine, pretty?...Ha!
I wanted to complain about the tired looking eyes...instead I simply told her.."Thank you."
It was first thing in the morning after all....and by first thing in the morning, I mean 10:00 am.

Things have {temporarily} changed around here.
My usually early start schedule has become more of a late start schedule.

I have been sooooo tired in the mornings. (Just look at my eyes! ;)
I could seriously lay in bed...husband next to me, baby in my arms...and sleep for days.

I always feel like I'm wasting the day if I don't accomplish everything early.
But really, we have no place to's not a big deal if we sleep in. We'll still get to everything.
We home school...I can start teaching later if I want, that's one of the perks, right?

I need to stop stressing over the standard I've made up in my head.
and I need to stop looking at people's early morning coffee instagrams!

My sister posted a link to this article was really good.

Brothers in hoodies....the oldest and the youngest.

He sucks his thumb...we think it's adorable.


What are you up to this weekend?
We are having friends over for dinner tonight. I'm making lasagna.
It's going to be chilly around's getting down into the 20's at night next week.
I foresee a lot of fires in the wood stove and a lot of baking in our future.

Been listening to this song and this song  all week.

Happy Friday.


  1. How do you still look that good?? I see no bags. Where are the bags? I did read an article that said coconut oil reduces bags, not that you'll need it because I don't see them at all.

    You disgust me with your good-lookingness.

    That baby. He needs to meet my baby. I think they're going to start a company and change the world.

  2. I gorgeous mommy! And that baby! I love the brothers picture. I thought of you when I heard of the cold front going along. I saw you sitting by the wood stove, eating something warm and yummy. I follow the weather as it heads East and picture you, then Shanda and gang, and for a bit longer my little fam in Maine. They will head back to Colorado at Christmas. Meanwhile we are praying for more rain and cool weather on the baking West Coast. We just spent two weeks in Laguna, and it was beautiful!

    1. It's so fun to have friends all over the map, right? Love you, Jenny!

  3. Lovely you, bags and all ;), didn't see them by the way......but hey, relax!! Enjoy that baby...who's standard do we have to uphold anyways...? I'm not up and accomplishing big feats too early either if that makes you feel any better, it's cold, dark and we've got all day right;)?

  4. Yeah, the puffy bags under the eyes... and being sooooo tired. I am not just tired in the morning, though. I am so tired all day long a lot of days! But it's all for a good reason, I guess! :)

  5. Life with baby! I know the thoughts and standards in your head (I've done the same)...but fight against them! Keep resting and letting it flow, it WILL all happen sooner or later. And yes, you do look pretty with the puffy eyes, you'll feel the same when you look back on this post in a few years and wonder WHY you were holding yourself to a high standard! LOL