Monday, November 3, 2014

Over the weekend....

He loved being held in this position...squishy faced and all.
I love the sweet, little giraffe slippers.

Sunday morning...pancakes and bacon.

"Okay..but do I have to keep the scarf on the whole time during church? I don't like scarves."
I pretended this did not come out of my daughters mouth.
P.S. I let her take the scarf off when she arrived at church...


Two of the boys cleaned up the yard...pulled the rest of the garden up...cleaned and burned leaves.
We actually still had broccoli and a few peppers growing and ready to be picked.
Outside is looking so empty.

Frankie's first time making Sunday dinner....pasta of course. ;)

The reason ^^^ having a crib with a newborn is a complete waste in our house!
Seriously...he's the most cuddliest little thing in the world!

It's November now.
I like November...A lot.

It's a chillier version of October...
Our wood stove begins to warm the house.
Mittens become necessity...I love mittens...{until March that is..}
We make hand print turkeys and read stories about Pilgrims.
We plan our Thanksgiving menu and make apple pies and pumpkin bread and beef stew.

And maybe, just maybe I love November so much because the holidays are right around the corner.
Also...just thought I'd mention...we will be cutting down our Christmas tree in 23 days!

Does anyone know of a job that my husband can work from home? and make millions?
I like him better home. Him of the only reasons I really don't care for Mondays.
Otherwise..I like the start of a fresh, new week.

Hope your Monday was grand.


  1. Oh! That picture of Allison holding Frankie is just so precious!! I know your girls are absolutely in love!

  2. I agree with your assessment of November, and all that it brings, 100 percent! I also know what you mean about having your husband home, I think the same thing ALL the time. I feel so much more at peace when he is home with us. Frankie is just too much with that hair! lol

  3. Frankie in your bed! OH MY, what a sweetie. How do you get up? Well I guess you take him with :) Happy November. We finally have a bit cooler weather. The Youth Pastor was making announcements on Sunday, and said, "Well we got one rain storm and I see all the flannel and boots came out!" So here in sunny CA. we are happy for November too!!

  4. I laughed when I read about your daughter and her scarf. I can sympathize. I hate anything at my neck. I've heard it said that the wearing of a scarf is like a small man choking you all day, and I agree :) And baby is so sweet!

  5. mmm…i love this post!!! your newest addition is perfect!!! thanks for creating such a lovely blog…i enjoy it so very much :)

  6. Cozy family post, just lovely! If anyone comes up with an idea for your husband let me know, would ya? I'd like mine home all day everyday, too.