Friday, February 20, 2015

They said I can't Multitask. Silly Boys.

You're not good at multitasking.....they told me as we were discussing the subject.
This of course said by male children....
....the boys that will one day be the "Mars" to some girl's "Venus". ;)

So one evening in my kitchen,{Frankie strapped up against me in the wrap} as I was heating up a cup of coffee for Jeff on the stove, filling a pitcher of water with my left hand and putting away clean glasses I just washed with my right, I called one my future "Mars" to the kitchen.

"Darling, do you know what I'm doing?"

"Ummm...putting away glasses?" Puzzled look on face.

"Yes, what else am I doing?"

"Filling a pitcher of water?" Dumbfounded look on face.

"What else?" I then nodded my head toward the stove.
"Ummm..heating something up? Why are you asking me about what you're doing?"

"Because dear child of mine, THIS is what you would call MULTITASKING. 
That's all....just wanted to show you what it looked like."

He laughed.

They said what they really meant by me not being able to multitask...
.....I don't always answer them right away if I'm talking on the phone
or reading something or if I'm busy on the computer.

I told them that's called getting my attention and/or bad manners on your part!
Something we're obviously going to have to work on around here. Ha!

There is this little cartoon that has been circulating the internet over the past couple of years.
It says....."Yay! It's the weekend!
Oh wait, never mind, I'm a Mom."

How true!
As a mom we never really ever get a day off, do we?

Some weeks life can be this one. {Cue the yawn...sigh}
But that's only some weeks. Most weeks...MOST weeks life is beautiful...
...and it's perfection to wake up and hit the floor running.

I love my job as a mom and house wife and I love homeschooling.
I enjoy my life and wouldn't trade it for the world.
{maybe I'd trade it for a trip to Mexico alone with my husband...
joking, joking...remember, I said this was an exhausting week}

So to all you Moms out there.....even though you may have cleaned your kitchen yesterday better than "Better Homes and Gardens" themselves could have done and now today it looks like something out of an episode of "Extreme Hoarders the Worst of the Worst Edition"....

...and maybe {actually PROBABLY} no one noticed or said thank you...
...I want you to know that you are appreciated. Perhaps silently...but your family does appreciate you.

You are the Mom! The center of the household.
Your job is so great and wonderful and're like air.
We never really think about air, but we need it to survive.

Yes are the air, the very breath of your family..they need you to survive.
So as you cook the next meal or change over a load of laundry or clean around the toilet and no one says thank may not think they notice, but they notice.

You are silently appreciated.

Serving a family is a very hard job. It's not for the faint of heart.

And if no one else tells you thank you's okay.
This post is for you....all the other moms out there know how hard you've worked all week....
..and we think you're Fabulous!

Happy Weekend.


  1. aw. this is awesome! you're so sweet! happy weekend to you!!!

  2. I'm going to just read and reread the last of this post. I needed to hear that today, after this hard week! Thank you!

  3. you're one of the best moms i know and your joy in the mundane everyday inspires me!
    smiled over you making your multi-tasking point. i've had that some conversation round here. ;)
    life IS beautiful and we are blessed.
    but a trip to mexico? hello! yes, please!!! i'm with ya~
    well, shayne and i will stay down the hall, but you know.. :))

    happy weekend. even if we are moms!!! xox

  4. Thank you for the much needed encouragement.
    Baby's face in the third picture down is too cute for words. :)

  5. How I loved your words! I think we Mom's all need a boost sometimes :)