Monday, February 16, 2015

Sugar Highs and Valentines and Kisses and Movie Ideas.

{baking cookies before breakfast in pajamas...they loved it}

There was a cousin's Valentine party at my Mom's house Friday.
The kids loved it. The food was fabulous (in a kid sort of way ;)
Homemade Mac and Cheese. Fresh Garlicy Bread Sticks. Orange Kabobs that were adorable.
Chocolate Milk with super fun straws and pretzels with a frosting dip!

We did a Cake Walk, played lots of games and of course exchanged Valentines.  

Hashtags I used on Instagram.
#ohcmonmom #wherearemybrothers #dadsaveme #ihatelipstick #whatswiththetie #imwearingaonsie
#thisisgettingoutofhand #whatnext

I told Jeff last night that I wish we had a count of how many kisses
Frankie has gotten smacked onto his little cheeks the past four months he's been alive.

Certainly the number would be in the millions. ;)

Jeff and I watched this movie late Saturday night. SOOOOO good!
We loved it so much we watched it again Sunday afternoon with the kids.

And if you're up for a good documentary....
....this one is fantastic!   The kids and I watched it one afternoon last week.
You can find it on Netflix.

Hope your week was off to a good start.


  1. So much happy- love it.
    And just remembering I need to answer your text from earlier. ;) doing that next!!

    The pics of Frankie.. best ever!
    You're gonna have to do a book of all these pics.

    Have a great week. xox
    Only 31 days till spring!!!! Woop :)))

  2. ps- just watched that movie at a girlfriends house recently too and loved it. So good!! And makes ya hungry :)) Great message of responding right when mistreated though~ and Helen Mirren.. always love her.

  3. That Frankie! He is just adorable!! I'm so bad about leaving comments Elizabeth but I always read your posts and they always make me smile:)

  4. Frankie steals the show but I also love the 2nd pic down of the beautiful cake. Thanks for the recommendations...I read the book for that movie but haven't watched it yet. Happy Thursday!