Monday, February 9, 2015

Big Gaps, Little Gaps..a bit about spacing babies.

Frankie has no idea what a fabulous babyhood he's having.
To him being smothered with love and kisses all day long is normal.
He knows no different.

Last winter when we found out we were having a new baby....our kids were over the moon.
A big gap between the oldest and the youngest didn't cross anyone's mind.

The kids didn't care about age. They were excited.
When he was born, they were thankful to have a baby brother.

They tote him around the house...fight over who holds him next...pick out his clothes..
..get excited over new things he does...they are completely crazy about him.

I think we as adults stress ourselves out more than we need to with decisions about babies.

I spent today with my sister who is 13 years younger than I am.
We made lunch, went to the grocery store, talked about her pregnancy,
looked at strollers online and ate waaaay too many pieces of pizza.
I didn't feel older than her. She didn't feel younger than me.
Age doesn't make a difference anymore.

You have to don't stay little forever.
Now that us siblings are grown, we have much in common.
All of us sisters...we're all in different places in life, yet we're best friends.

Our parents didn't worry about spacing and timing and age when they had us girls.
I'm thankful. If they were worried...I wouldn't have any sisters at all!

So if you're in a place right now where you're wondering...
Should we? Shouldn't we?

Do it! I promise when you see that new little bundle you'll be glad you did. :)


  1. You know I love this!!! Having big age gaps between our own kids and coming from a family where there's 17 yrs between me and my youngest brother I've felt exactly as you when I hang with him. Age? What age?? God puts families together in all different ways and yes, as you said, if people are teetering back n forth on whether to have more or not-- amen!! Do it. Big age gaps make the dynamics in a home even more interesting and fun!! Adorable pics. Love you all-

  2. My only sister is 11 years younger than I am. I thought the day would never come that we would be best friends, but today we are. We both have are married with kids, deal with a lot of the same things and never think about our age differences. Families are the best.

  3. I couldn't agree more! There is such a special relationship between my oldest and youngest kids. Frankie is such a cutie!!!

  4. Being the oldest of nine, roles were very different when my siblings were younger, but now it's as if we're all the same age, even the youngest who is 14 yrs younger than I am ;) All of us married, some with kids - in some ways I definitely miss us all being together at home before any of us got married, but it's fun to see the changes adulthood brings, fun to see all the different lives we live now :) It was crazy and chaotic growing up, but I'm really very thankful for all of us - tons of laughter and fun when we get together. Your family looks like loads of fun!!

  5. I know, so true. Our boys are all so close. Dan and David where 10 years apart, and fought sometimes when David was little, but now are such buds. At 8 years older, and sharing a room, Nick was always David's go to person when mommy wasn't around. Frankie is blessed, and so are all of you with such a fun baby.
    We get to see Cadence meet his baby brother tomorrow. So fun!

  6. Amen Liz! Speaking from a 26 year span from oldest to is a blessing indeed.