Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Where we share tunes.

Tuesday Tunes for you...
...should you be in a listening mood.

This one  is for the one you love.

This one  and this one our friend wrote and sang.

This one is new in my house...Jeff just introduced me to these guys.
Here's one  more from them.

I love you Chicago. 

This one we can sing {and mean it!} in Chicago in a few {short} weeks.

For now...Enjoy the snow!
Happy Winter Day to you.


  1. The pictures, adorable! Love the song From the Day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. love the pictures and your taste in music!! ❤️

  3. We really like the music from I Am They! A bit like Mumford n Sons :) Waiting for the sun to come again here in FL too! Some say Snow, Snow don't blow anymore, we say Rain, Rain go away ;)
    Looks like your little guy is adored.

  4. Keep sharing your tunes! I love all the songs you share and put them right on my amazon playlist. thank you!!