Monday, February 2, 2015

We went for a walk.

The first two summers we lived in our home, we spent time on the bike path almost every day.
We had three very little boys then. We walked, rode bikes, pulled them in our wagon... was simple, life was calm. Bedtime came early and the grocery bill wasn't all that bad.

So much has changed since then.
When your family is growing, time has a way of making things more chaotic {and expensive, Ha!}
Thirteen years later we have six children.... some teenagers, some in between and a new baby.

To say life is simple and calm would be a falsity.
Life is hard sometimes....busy, complicated and days can be stressful.
{as you well know if you're a mom!}

Jeff's job keeps him away from home a lot. It's really been getting to me. Him too.
We haven't been taking many walks. We haven't been doing much of anything together lately.

But this weekend...before the great big storm that gave us 15 inches of snow arrived...
...we went for a walk.  We decided that changes have to be made before we both go crazy!
It was nice.

Life is such a gift! Each and everyday.
I love being a wife and a mom and everything that goes along with it.
I am thankful to have such a rich life. I just want my husband around a bit more. ;)

...and if you're thinking of starting your own construction company...come talk to me first. ;)

Happy new week to you.


  1. I get this.. you know I do!! ;))

    And when life gets crazy and out of control, even though we can't change it, we can be intentional with making moments between count and special- just like you did!! I love it. And you.

    Thanks for the honest, real life post and encouarenent to never start our own construction business.. ;)) I mean, to seize these little opportunities to reconnect and have fun.

    Happy Monday, dear!!

  2. snow, walking, all looks good. So glad you were intentional and enjoyed time together.