Monday, March 2, 2015

Remembering Sunday Afternoon.

A while ago my grandparents signed Sam {who has always wanted to be a chef}
up for a subscription to a cooking magazine.

We've had all these recipes we wanted to try but just haven't gotten around to it.
Laziness? Forgetfulness?

Well..we finally decided once a week we're going to make a new dish from his magazines.
Yesterday after church, in our comfy clothes, we made a Basil Gnocchi dish.  It was so good!

The fresh basil smelled just like summer.
Oh how I can't wait to have basil plants growing in my yard again.

The gnocchi wasn't homemade though...I bought it. Gulp. I know, I know.
{Sorry Grandpa and Grandma!!...I hate making gnocchi!
Know that I appreciate every single little gnocchi you have ever made that I have eaten...
keep up the good work..wink, wink }

Hope you have a wonderful Monday everyone.


  1. I can't imagine making homemade gnocchi. You are blessed to be able to eat some! LOL love the pic of the table bursting with fiestaware and children!

  2. i can so see sam being a chef!
    wish i were sitting around that table w y'all again~

  3. Love the shot of all the kiddos, talking, eating, and reaching across the table with little Frankie in the middle. Lovely!

  4. So fun to catch up! What a cute baby !! Love all your pictures!!