Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Where we share tunes.

Friday night Jeff and I had an evening {mostly} alone at home.
 Frankie was with us.. he doesn't really count. ;)
Anyway...he played this song for me. It's the sweetest and I absolutely love it.

Have you seen this movie yet? If not you have to!!! It's such a great story.
This song is my favorite off the soundtrack....
....the yelling at the end will make sense after you watch the movie. ;)

I used to have this song playing on my blog. Remember?...when I had music on my blog?
I miss having a playlist.

In our church we pick a hymn of the month..... this is the one we are singing for March.
We're doing it a little different though....acoustical guitars only.
{musicians pictured above ^^^ my brother, my son, my sister}

Even though it's overplayed... I still really like this song. 

Not usually a fan of the electro music genre...I love this one.
I think this is a noble song. I also like the video that goes along with it.

Happy Tuesday to you.


  1. really like the last song Hey Brother! Never heard it before - you have a great range of musical taste! :)

  2. The shot in the "Hey Brother" video, where you see the store "Woolworth's," that looks like our Woolworth's here! I swear they shot that from here in town :). It's my favorite antique store and I can easily get lost in that store for hours. Loved all the songs, especially "Darlin'" as I was hearing it for the first time. I just love music and would pick it over television every single time. xo-Chris