Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm still doing the same things...they just take a bit longer.

Laundry used to be 3 loads per it's 2 per day!
I could whip out a nice dinner in 30 it takes at least an hour.
I would wash the floors, not because they needed to be cleaned,
but because my mop wanted to be used. ;)

Things change as your family gets bigger and grows older.
The work load increases even when you're doing the exact, same,
old routine you've been doing since the beginning of time!

Sometimes I long for the simple days when Jeff and I were first married 170 years ago....
..he would get home from work at 3:15 in the afternoon and the rest of the evening was ours!
Life felt like one gigantic date. I miss the amount of time we had with each other.

The coming and going of older kids, the schedule of a new baby, homeschooling different ages....
...the many hours Jeff works..add all that up and well, life isn't so simple anymore.

I don't mind the's just..Wow, so much more work than I imagined.
Some days {or weeks} I literally don't have a second to think. Like this one! CrAzY!

When we were in our younger days...this is what we wanted. This crazy house full of kids.
I love it! I wouldn't trade a thing...{well, maybe if Jeff could work from home. Ha!}

I am horrible at keeping a journal! I have so many pretty notebooks and journals that are empty.
One of the reasons I like to blog is so I have a online journal of our family.

I like seeing all the old pictures I've taken of the kids and
reading about things we've done over the years.
Sometimes where my memory fails, this little blog remembers.
{i.e. Sophia wasn't potty trained in a week! Thanks blog.}

Lately it's been hard to keep up here and I find my posts coming farther and farther apart....
...I really want to make it a priority to keep up more. I know I'll be happy later.

Hope you've been having a good week.
It's been BEAUTIFUL here! I even had windows open upstairs this afternoon...
...because 47 degrees in March in the Midwest is considered a heatwave!


1 comment:

  1. 170 years? shayne and i are going on 173!!
    time really does fly~ ;)
    AND.. since it does, everyone will be potty trained and back to one load a week before you know it. i promise!
    but yes - - for now. it totally doesn't feel that way. i get it. the crazy and yet wanting it no other way.
    you're such a good wife/ mama - always making your family priority...
    wish i were your neighbor as we were joking earlier.. i'd walk over and watch the kids while you blogged. ;))
    in the meantime, just one day at a time. it all sorts out - - as i know you already know. xo

    heatwave - yes!! and in canada 47 has people pulling out their swim trunks. ;)
    love ya, friend. have a great weekend~