Friday, March 13, 2015

Fashion Tip Friday and he's 5 months old already!

Another blogger I read put up a link to these great jeans. 
I am so happy flares are making a comeback.

Honestly, I am tired of the skinny jeans/ tall boot look.
This year I did away with my tall boots for the most part, replacing them with a shorter boot.

I am happy that flares are back...I have a pair that I've worn forever..I actually have them  on today.
I also like some of the taller waists...
....perhaps now we won't see so many undergarments hanging out when people bend over! ;)

And to all of you fellow natural curly haired people.....guess what?
The 2015 trend is to embrace our curls!   and you want to follow trends, right?
...or at least when they apply to something you already have. ;)

Tomorrow our little guy turns 5 months old! I can't believe it.
My sister Stephanie made his hat..I love it! It's sort of a crocheted Paddington Bear-ish hat.

This weekend is busy....we're going to my cousin's wedding Saturday and
we have a combined birthday party Sunday with Jeff's family..
..and the weather is going to be Gorgeous!!!

Happy Friday.

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  1. LOVE the flares link....I have a few pairs still, so glad they are coming back in style.
    Baby boy is a delight, can't believe he is five months old already.