Monday, March 16, 2015

The first of many sweet potatoes.

I was so excited to bring out the Royal Albert/Beatrix Potter bowl that hasn't been used in forever!
That silver little Peter Rabbit spoon was used by most of my other kids too.

Today was the first time he ate big boy meal. ;)  An organic sweet potato.
He loved it.

We went for three walks today.
Frankie in his wrap, some on rollerblades,
one bouncing a basketball the whole way and one on a longboard. It was an eclectic walk.
The weather was Gorgeous outside....70's in March..Yes please! We'll take it.

The boys took it upon themselves to rake the front yard and also clean my front porch.
It's so nice to start outside work....or at least have it done for me. ;)

Trees were climbed, bikes were ridden, basketballs were shot and
we even squeezed in the grocery was a good day.

And also if you guys could please pray for my friend Audrey and her little baby Graham.
Poor sweet baby is in the hospital with RSV and pneumonia.
He's only a couple days older than Frankie...he's too little to be so sick. :(

Hope your week was off to a good start.


  1. He is SO darn cute!!! I have an old enamel pot that hangs in my kitchen too! We use it anytime I make a big batch of popcorn. Will be praying for baby Graham and his mamma too. It is always the worst when they are so little.

  2. Good mama, keep feeding him those sweet potatoes. I used to like eating them along with baby, you too? :) How is your friend's baby doing?
    Love the picture of the basil, too. so homey