Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Very Hungry Baby.

Sammy made a jar special for his little brother^^^..he even added his own label. ;)

We made baby food today.
Carrots.Sweet Potatoes.Applesauce.

Do you make your own baby food? It's so simple and so healthy.
You don't want gmo's or chemicals in their new little if you can buy organic.
{or grow your own if possible! I am so excited to get our garden growing again.}

It doesn't take much to feed little ones...a whole bag of sweet potatoes can go a long, long way.
We made enough to last him through the weekend.

I love opening my refrigerator and seeing tiny little jars all lined up.
Having a baby in the house again is such a blessing....he's so much fun!



  1. that's the prettiest jars of baby food i've ever seen! :))

  2. He is adorable- and so are those little jars of food! I haven't used baby food for my last several babies. They didn't eat food until close to a year so it wasn't necessary anyway. I just love your blog posts!

  3. This is just too adorable!! I loved to make my own baby food too, but it never looked that adorable. :)

  4. Ahhhh, homemade is THEE best and I love the sweet little jars/labels! Have a blessed weekend with your beautiful family! xo -Chris

  5. I made baby food last night but I have no baby! I roasted sweet potatoes and I absolutely LOVE how they turn into mush all on their own. Yes, homemade is the best! Good job, well done!