Monday, March 30, 2015

Grapenuts were stuck all over the kitchen window....

...not a sponsored article by Post Cereal....they were shot out of a straw. It was disgusting.
The bathroom garbage was over flowing...but, I only said to empty it 4 times, know.
The sink was full of dishes even though my kitchen was spotless at 7 pm last night.
{okay...the popcorn pot and bowls were mine}

I told them to get up and out of one stirred.  It took three times...
{ they're going to wash the trim in my dining room.  When I say get up I mean business.}

Bickering started over who gets to hold the baby first...because she had him first yesterday and he had him after we got home from church first and she fed him but he held him before bed....
....yada, yada...etc.

Welcome to Monday morning. to life. to motherhood. to raising a family.

Some mornings I want to be selfish. Wake up. Think of me.
Work out. Grab a cup of coffee. Watch the news...alone.

Oh dear Yes! Watch the news! But..every single time I turn it on...
"Imprisoned divorced male leading a drug ring with a meth lab in his basement raped and murdered
a woman who was part of a prostitution ring and by the way Santa Clause isn't real kids...."

Right there wrapped up in 5 seconds is a whole lot of questions to answer
should a child walk into the room while their mother is watching the news.

So...the television stays off. and Facebook remains my main source of information. Ha!

Okay..I'm exaggerating a little and honestly I don't care that much about watching the news.
I prefer talk radio and/or reading. So... how about an early morning home decorating show? ;)
That would be nice.

Yes it would be nice, but it wouldn't be profitable.
It's empty. It's meaningless. It's not eternal.

Isn't that what all of our complaints are? Meaningless.
Not all, but let's be honest...Most.

They stem from us wanting our way and not getting it.
They stem from us wanting time for ourselves....which isn't a bad thing, time alone...
....but very un-realistic every morning from 6:30am-9:00am...which is when I want it.

Last week was a struggle.
Not every second of everyday...but hard moments sprinkled throughout the day, throughout the week.

The kinds of moments that slowly build and build until we can't see through the tired, the exhaustion.

We think we're drowning and we yell at our husbands that we can't take it anymore.
{or maybe that was just me? Poor Jeff..and hey,thanks honey for the sweet potato fries}

When things are going focus is usually wrong.

When I'm looking for I looking to the mountains?
(or the sky?...I live in Illinois, there are no mountains, I'm stuck with looking only to the sky ;)

Psalm 121:1 ~
I will lift my eyes up to the mountains;
     from where shall my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord,
     Who made heaven and earth.

He will not allow your foot to slip;
    He who keeps you will not slumber.

God! He won't allow my foot to slip. He will give me all the help I need.
The help He gives isn't the same kind of help I always want...but it's what I NEED!
The help He created me to need.

It's strength to get through whatever it is I feel I can't do. or don't WANT to do.
He gives comfort and peace and sanity.
{That last one I think He gives for the sake of my children..bless them they're all still alive}

When I step back and look at my situation, look at my kids....
...when I look into their eyes I realize they aren't here to destroy me. ;)
They NEED ME!!!

They are growing and learning and I am the one to guide them and teach them and train them in the right direction.
It's all up to me! {and Jeff of course, but I'm talking to Monday morning moms here}

If I walk around acting exhausted and stressed out all the time...
How will they learn to handle things?
They'll think it's normal for a mom to be cranky and angry and complain-y.

I don't want my kids to think that's what a mom looks like.What THEIR mom looks like!!!...
...a strung out woman in sweat pants trying to keep a clean house and mad that things aren't perfect.

I have incredible kids that I love to's just sometimes I let this world get in the way of that.
I bet you do too. Don't let it!!!
You're the one in control...Take it!

How you ask?

Start small. Get cleaned up, get dressed.
Say a prayer and ask God to please give you the strength you need to get through the day.
Lift your eyes up and remember....

Life is about more than a clean house, a perfect schedule and a perfect life.
If you're striving for that...your plan will fail.
Be realistic and accomplish what you can.

It's Monday. A brand new start to a brand new week!
Hope your's is a good one.


  1. Oh, how I can relate to this one! It's such a struggle sometimes. I often think the same thing--I don't want my kids to think that moms are supposed to be cranky and yell a lot. But it's so much harder to be cheerful and stern, right? :)

  2. oh, girl! love this! and you!!
    needed these words of truth this morning.
    thanks for being real and describing what all us mom's can relate to.

    and this part -"The help He gives isn't the same kind of help I always want...but it's what I NEED!
    The help He created me to need."
    yes, amen!!
    wise love is holding us. carrying us through!

    happy monday, sweet friend. {just realized last night now i owe YOU a text} ;))

  3. this is so good Liz!! so spot on.
    mondays (and every other day that ends in Y) can be so brutal sometimes, and you're so right that it's because i'm focusing on me, on my wants instead of lifting my eyes to what He has in store for me, for my family.
    parenting is sure not for the faint of heart. thanks for these encouraging, life-giving words for this monday morning mom!!

  4. Oh my. Love this. Needed this. So much truth!
    Hope this Monday is one of the best.

  5. I love this post, sweet Liz. Thank you.<3 ~Luci

  6. You're a wonderful mom! I know God gets the glory...and am so very thankful for the beauty of tapping into HIM and His Word on a constant basis!

  7. such a good post. i'm so thankful for all the inspiring moms out here in blog land who help me turn my focus off of me, and back to Him. thanks for taking the time to write and share!

  8. So I know I'm late reading this, but just feel very encouraged by it! I am that mom that does those things you mentioned :) Good for me to read this!!