Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Sweetest letter from my Grandpa!

My grandfather and I have a long history of practical joking.
One day I will sit down and write all the pranks he's played on me over the years
that have left scars dating back to my childhood.

Yes, one day I'll tell you about the time when I was 11 years old frantically looking
for the switch on my basement wall that turned off the main source of power to my entire block...
...and how I had only minutes to find it before the transformer would blow up.

Or the time my "new neighbor" wrote a letter to me complaining about my kids.
Or how for years I really believed my grandpa was a famous singer.

I have given him back his fair share over the years, but now that my grandfather is in his 80's,
I've decided to slow things down. Not play anymore tricks.

Today is April Fool's Day. One of my favorite days of the year!
I always try and do something fun.

However, this year, instead of playing a joke on Gramps,
I thought I would honor him by sharing a very special email he sent to me just the other day.

I have never felt so humbled and honored.
{except for maybe that one time I won an Academy Award...anyway}

Here it is...the email.
I blush and hesitate as I publish this post.

From: Frank Savino
Sent: Monday, March 30, 2015 8:23 am
Subject: Our Favorite Grandchild

Dear Elizabeth,

     You know you've always been our absolute favorite of all the Grandchildren.
No question about it!You are so wonderful and kind and well spirited. You're so special to us.
You showed us what a true grandchild should look like.
You are the one who made us love and enjoy being grandparents!
Without you, we would have given up this gig long ago.
      Grandma and I have thought hard about what I'm about to tell you.
I don't want this to be shared with everyone because I don't want hurt feelings,
but I guess they'll all find out eventually..I want you to know that Grandma and I
have sat down together and have taken the time to rewrite our entire last will and testament.
     We've decided to give you all the good stuff. In addition to all the good stuff,
we want you to have the Victrola. Don't let your parents or aunts or uncles
pull that "generation ahead of you"'s yours Elizabeth.
They're just our kids, but you, YOU are the Granddaughter!
   We love you so much we want everything good to go to you. Take our money,
buy something real nice for yourself...or a few nice things, we're loaded.

  Don't worry about cleaning out the garage or the basement or the floors of our closet..
...we know you have no use for our old shoes...let the others do that after you take the good stuff.
We want you to have all the good stuff, because to us, you are the best!
We love you so much darling granddaughter. You're the favorite.

Much Love,
You dear Grandfather

P.S. How's little Frankie doing? Tell my little namesake and the rest of the family hello.

Yeah, so like I practical jokes for me this year.
Well..I did do the frozen cereal thing I saw online to my kids this morning,
but that doesn't really count.

Happy April First!!!

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