Monday, May 11, 2015

4 reasons we like him in our bed/ 4 questions answered concerning it.

We like him in our bed because....

1. It feels safer. I know he's breathing, sleeping, waking, dreaming....etc.

2. He sleeps soundly by my side. If he's with me, he sleeps as long as I sleep.
I have never been "up all night with a screaming baby".

3. It's easier to nurse him at 2 am..I don't have to leave my bed.

4. He's just SO cute and cuddly! I love having him next to me.
Especially first thing when he has those happy morning eyes.

Questions people have asked.....

1. Aren't you scared of rolling onto him?
Nope. We sort of just know he's there. Instinct?
Also..none of our other 5 children were turned into pancakes... we're comfortable with it.

2. Aren't you scared he'll never go to his own bed?
Not at all, the transition has never been a problem in the past.
Usually I will nurse my babies right before they fall asleep....
so instead of laying them down into our bed when they fall asleep,
I lay them into their crib. It's always been very easy!

3. How do you and Jeff know, "adult time"?
The same way we always have.
There was a short period of time back in December when  Frankie's radar was on high alert...
..but, where there's a will, there's a way! We make it happen!
You learn to be creative..which can also be even more fun at times.

4. Don't you want your bedroom to be your sanctuary...No kids allowed?
Please! He's a baby. Do you really think he's going to know limits like that?
All of our kids know not to walk into our bedroom without knocking..
They never go into our room unless it's to talk to us when we're in there.
They all know and respect that it's Jeff's and my room....
...and they all slept in our bed.

I know sleeping together with baby isn't for everyone...but it really works for us. We love it.
If you're interested in reading some of the great benefits of "sleep sharing",
this is a great place to start.



  1. Same here! I wouldn't trade all the hours of snuggling for anything!

  2. Hi! My name is Mary....I've been reading your blog for a while and love it! I love this's so good. We have five kiddos and though we've never slept with our babies, I like the stories of those who do. This is gracious, factual, and a good reminder to be kind to those who do things differently. You did that well in this post. Keep up the good work! You all have a beautiful family.

    Mary Landis

  3. yes. babyhood goes by sooooo quickly. i have no regrets about all the all night long cuddle sessions. all five of my kids sleep in their own beds now and it all works out. tiny baby boy apparently has cleft palette, and cleft lip issues, and i'm so sad that all night nursing isn't going to be happening with him. i really do cherish those times.
    sitting upright in a chair to bottle feed a baby in the middle of the night during the cold winter months sounds like torture. ha. give me a warm bed and an adorable squishy baby nursing through the night any day.

  4. I was a nervous baby-mama and couldn't sleep if the baby was in bed with me all night, but there were lots and lots of early morning sleepy nurse sessions in bed and lots of naps during the day. Such a sweet post!