Friday, May 8, 2015

Mothers Day...It's Not About You.

My sister Gianna is here for a visit! I don't want her to go back. sniff, sniff.
Yesterday my sisters {minus one} and my sister in law went to lunch and did a little shopping.

It's Mother's Day this weekend. A day to recognize, appreciate and honor our moms.
People have been posting all sorts of gift ideas, videos, different stories..etc.

I have also read...
....articles written by wives giving their husbands and kids lists of things they want for Mother's Day.

...articles written asking pastors to not have moms stand up and
be recognized during church because there are women that have miscarried and feel bad and
aren't sure whether they should stand or not.

While I did laugh at some quirky articles ~ as I'm sure they were written lightly just to be funny... had me thinking.

Here's the thing about Mother's Day...if you're a's about you, but it's not about you!

It's about your Mother. Your Grandmother. Your Great Grandmother.
The line of beautiful women that have traveled the path of this gift
called motherhood long before us.  THEY should be the focus here.

All the things you are wanting recognition for from your own children, they did that! for you.

Somewhere along the years moms have slowly turned the day into Self Day.
A day of expectations and wants for themselves.

Now before I start getting blasted with negative comments....hear me out.

There is nothing wrong with your family showering you with love and gifts.
We do it for my mom and my mother in law and my kids and husband do it for me!

But I don't make them. They do it on their own.
I don't demand it and I would NEVER make them feel like they have to do those things for me.
I appreciate and love anything they do..big or small.

Also..I see nothing wrong with a pastor asking mothers to stand up and
be recognized during a church service......yeah it stinks to miscarry! I know...I've gone through it.

...but asking all other moms to stay seated because it will make you feel uncomfortable...
..well, that's just a bit selfish. I know it's painful..but it's a minute or two out of your life!

Proverbs 31:28 Her children rise up and called her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.

Don't rise up and call yourself "blessed". Let them do the praising.
Let them with their own free will do something special..then it's truly from the heart.

Praise your own Mom and stop worrying about how "your" Mother's Day is going to go down!

Teach your kids by example to honor their mother by honoring your own....
...or being a humble example of what motherhood should look like.

My mother has never once made us feel like we have to spend time with her or buy her anything!
She has never given us kids or my dad a list of expectations for the day.
Never once has she been upset because Mother's Day didn't pan out the way she wanted it to.

There has never been pressure or guilt or any selfish motive when it comes to Mother's Day.
We never feel like we've let her down because she doesn't have expectations of the day.
She puts herself last...even on Mother's Day. Isn't that what true motherhood is?

Don't make Mother's Day a day of dread for your family.
A day of expectations on your part and a day of them hopefully not letting you down.
Don't do that to your family! It's the complete opposite of what motherhood is supposed to be.

Let it be a day your family can look forward to honoring you {if they choose} in the way they want.
Have no expectations. When you have no expectations, you will have no disappointment.

Let your family love you in their own way.
And make sure to let your own mother know how much she means to you.

Have a great weekend and
a great big Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!


  1. beautifully written! and can apply to so many other days too…anniversaries, birthdays, etc. expectations take so much joy out of what could be so special. thanks for the reminder!!!!

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  3. Wise words! The best gifts are the ones that didn't happen because of a list anyway and they get sprinkled all through the year, tangible and intangible. It's sad when a holiday meant to remind us to honor our mothers becomes a disappointment because our own expectations didn't get met the way we thought they should.