Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Don't feel too pressured.

It's summer. and I know I always have high expectations that never pan out.
Big plans in my head, big plans Jeff and I have together..plans that we talk about but never make.
... the plans end up never happening because we run out of time before we even plan! many times can a person use the word plan in one post?

Unfortunately life also happens during the summer....
.... and as much as I want endless weekends at the lake or
every night to be a date with Jeff on our back can't be that way.
We are limited.

He works and usually gets home late. I have a house and kids to take care of..
....and this summer we are also doing a little bit of school....a first for us this year.
I'll let you know how happy I am with this in a month or so. ;)

Summer is wonderful and grand and lovely and so, SO short!
It starts and then all of a sudden it's over!

Christmas is a very busy time of year...., during the month of December we write down things that we want to make sure we fit in.
Example..December around and look at Christmas lights.
It's on the calendar, so we do it...we know it's coming up and the little ones look forward to it.

We're doing the same thing with summer. Planning days for things we want to make sure we get in.
If it's on the calendar, we'll do it!

We don't have any big plans for summer...
...we're actually looking forward to spending time in our own backyard.

So even if it's just grilling chicken followed by a bike ride that goes down on the calendar,
it will be nice to have a plan and some time as a family to look forward to. 

The past few summers have been out of control busy, especially the last two...
...I'm really excited about having Jeff around a bit more this year. 

Also...don't stress about not doing great adventurous things.
Social media has a way of making us feel we're missing out on big fun!

You can make wherever you're at in life fun...the beach,
amusement parks or even just your own backyard.

Enjoy all the small moments,
those usually end up being some of the best memories anyway.

Happy {almost} Summer.

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