Friday, August 14, 2015

How can a boy eat THAT much corn dog?

This week is the County Fair.... My kids most favorite-est part of summer.
The funnel cakes, the corn dogs, the rides, the face could you not love it?

Walking around we ran into {almost} my whole family. It's nice to live close to each other.
We met up with some friends too....and look at my sister! ^^^ She's having a baby reeeeally soon!!!
I can't wait to hold my {he'll be here soon!!!} new little nephew. I'm already his favorite aunt. :)

Frankie liked the horses so much. He liked ALL the animals so much.
Having a baby around again is the best! Everything is new and's so sweet.

Stand Back Folks...he's armed with an over sized corn dog!
How he downed the whole thing I have no idea...that's way to much "fried" for me.
Although I did eat not one, but two doughnuts...but they were hot and fresh and smelled SO good.
I really had no choice, right?

What are you guys up to this weekend?
I have my HS Class Reunion tonight! I'm so excited to see old friends...
...old as in I've known them for a long time, not old as in we're getting old...
...we're all still super young after (blank) years! Ha! ;)

Happy Friday.


  1. so, SO fun!!! we love the fair~ they don't quite do them up here like they do in the states and i miss that. well, i really just miss the FOOD. :)) steph looks great - - excited for them and you all! and you KNOW what i'm up to this weekend. ;)) can.not.wait. although chicago would have been fun too. ;))


  2. haha... tell alex that corn dog really COULD double as a weapon. hilarious!

  3. I'm so disappointed I missed out on the fair only by a few days!! Looks like a ton of fun though!!!! Miss you guys!