Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I love you...

I love you Chicago.
You're so friendly and pretty and provide such incredible food.
{I will not talk about the Doughnut Vault in this post...I promise..but really, you need to go.}

I love you public transportation..you make things so much easier sometimes.

I love you High School reunions and old friends!

Gia and I have been friends since forever. ^^^ She is the sweetest. You will not find a kinder heart.
You know, even our Grandpas were friends.
You should hear the jokes they played on one another...Such pranksters!

Alicia and Lisa are my bestest old friends...Lots of memories.  I love having them in my life.
(even if you guys fell asleep on me during the train ride home...I have pictures, just so you know ;)

I love you Blood Orange San Pellegrino....I like you more in a glass bottle, but I'll settle for a can.
Since it was Frankie's first ever Festa Italiana, we had no choice but to let him try.
All we have is this blurry picture....it works.

I love you cute t-shirts...{Frankie's shirt says The Godfather}...
...and Uncle Charlie for carrying him when my arms went numb from his heavy, heavy, sleeping little body at the fest.

I love you SOOO much Jeff!!! for being you and being the best person ever...
..I am glad I get to spend my life being married to you.
{even if you take bad selfies of us on hot days on rooftops}


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