Thursday, August 27, 2015

We threw away precious time...because of a parking spot?

What started out as a perfectly, perfect morning was ruined because of The Doughnut Vault.
{I know I keep inserting this name into my posts, need to go!
and I need join their marketing team.}

Okay, it's not really ALL the Doughnut Vault's fault,
there was a lack of coffee, rain, two - one way streets and a tight schedule to blame....
....or maybe it was just selfishness, quick tempers and lack of patience with one another...Ha!

At any rate, what started out as something fun, WE turned into a two hour argument.
 ...over a parking spot and choice of location.

Why on earth did we spoil precious time we had together by fighting over something so, so silly?
Simple, we both wanted what we wanted, and we both thought we were in the right.

Of course we apologized to one another for acting like fools...{two hours later}
....we kissed, made up, talked about how great it is to be in love and how perfect the doughnuts were.

But the time wasted...the time bickering and giving each other the silent treatment,
that time could have been spent enjoying each other's company.

We threw away two hours of our marriage! Two precious hours.

If you knew your spouse was going to die tomorrow...two extra hours would mean everything, right?
I thought about how many "two hours" we have thrown away in the past....
...I really don't want to know the answer, I'm sure they'd add up to days and it would make me sick.

There are many lonely people in this world who would give anything to have a companion,
a best friend, someone to end the day with, lie down next to at night....
..Yet we, who have all of those things, don't appreciate them as much as we should.

We let petty things get in the way of each other.
We argue over things that won't matter at all in eternity.

Marriage is a is such a gift.
But it's there in our lives all of the time, like oxygen..
..and we selfishly condition ourselves to take it for granted.

The number of days in our lives are unknown and numbered.
The number of days left with our spouses are unknown...we only have so many.
Don't throw them away arguing. Yes arguments are going to happen, but keep them short.
Solve them quickly....because honestly, it's not worth it.

...and when you finally make a trip to the Doughnut Vault, don't worry about parking spots or rain...
...just jump out of the car, get a doughnut and give your husband/wife a big kiss.

Think of something special to do for your significant other right now and do it. Today.
Bring home flowers, make something great for dinner, buy them a coffee, send a text...Anything!!!
Anything to say..I love you and you mean the world to me.
Enjoy your marriage....Everyday!



  1. so so good...and so hard to do! but always worth it in the end!
    also, is there anything better than baby wearing husbands?!??!!

  2. Amen! My husband passed away two years ago and we wasted l.o.n.g years of silence. God used some really hard stuff to bring redemption into our marriage and we had 12 wonderful years together!