Monday, September 21, 2015

How to eat a yellow bean on Monday.

Oh how I love the Midwest. I dream of living in other places sometimes...the ocean, the mountains...
...mostly during the late winter/early spring months. Ha!

But the Midwest, it's just so perfect during the fall and that's when I love it here most.
The crisp mornings, the sunny afternoons, the bright orange leaves on my maple tree, the apple orchards, the cinnamon doughnuts...

This past weekend brought us gorgeous, perfect, perfect weather!
It was hard to be inside even for a minute.

We spent a big part of Saturday at a farmer's market on Lake Michigan.
Much of my Saturdays this summer have been spent at farmers markets...I love it.

I love markets. I love everything about them.
The people, the atmosphere, the talk of produce...I have learned SO much over the past few years.

...and this is how you eat a yellow bean on Monday.

Happy Day to You!