Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I just wanted someone to jump me.

Monday started out like this and pretty much has remained the same into today.

Yesterday I dropped Alex off to work at the orchard. Tyler was working with Jeff.
The rest of us ran over to the book store to buy a few books we needed for school...
....because school started yesterday. Ha! Really...HA!

So we purchased what we needed, left Barnes and Noble, buckled into our car and....
tick, tick...nothing. The battery was dead. Why? I have no idea.

Alex needed to be picked up at this point. {Thanks Mom and Caitlin for rescuing my child....}
Frankie was way past needing a nap. The kids were hungry.
{Cupcakes from the bakery quickly became lunch...Stop judging.}

What on earth was I going to do?
I have no idea how to jump a car!

So we walked to Chiccos to ask the nice ladies with fancy necklaces for the number to mall security.
Maybe they could help?

....Should you ever need to know, mall security does not jump cars.
They used to, but they aren't allowed anymore.

Sooo...we walked to Sears Auto.
Certainly an auto place filled with capable men would be willing to help out a mom carrying a baby with 4 small-ish children, right? It was only a quick jump that I needed.
They are an auto place that fixes cars.

Nope! They told me my car was too far away.
Too far away? I was across the parking lot. and no other customers were in the store.

Let me tell you, I can not imagine my husband EVER turning away a lady who needed help!
Ever. He would have figured out some way to help her. and he doesn't even work at an auto store.

Anyway, we left and walked back to our car.
I was ready to cry. Over an hour had passed.

I found a sticky note on my window that had the number to mall security on it.
Not sure who left it, but I was hopeful and called thinking maybe they changed their minds.
They once again said they couldn't help.

At this point I finally did what I should have done in the first place....
...Pray! We prayed for someone to come and help us.

Well...God only took about 3 minutes to answer our prayer.
The car in front of us drove away and an older couple parked and happily jumped our car.

When will I learn? God was just waiting for me to ask...He wasn't going to leave us stranded.
I can't tell you how thankful I was.

It's just been one of those weeks...so far..it's only Tuesday. Yikes!

I need to just let things go and sometimes I just don't know how to do that.
I put all this pressure on myself to conquer the world in an impossible amount of time....
Satan sneaks in and cheers me on telling me I can do it, I can do it!
...and when it doesn't happen I get cranky.

God says..You can't do it all alone...but you can through me...
....yet I continue to ignore that little fact and turn into a stressed out mess.

I'm one of those people who want everything right NOW!
I think it's called a lack of patience? ;) Yeah...I'm not good at patience.
It's just not a strong point of mine. it's not any point of mine.

But I'm learning.....Yeah, No. Not really. Ha!
It sounds good though...to be a person who is on the road to being patient.

I wish I was. I wish I was one of those ladies that had oodles and oodles of patience....
"Oh honey, don't worry about painting, we can do it in the spring."

No...that's not me. I'm more...
"It's only $6,500.00 for next day shipping?
Well of course I'll pay, I need the shoes...what idiot would wait 3-5 days?"


To sum up this post.

1. Make sure your car battery doesn't die in the Barnes and Noble parking lot.
2. If it does...pray first, not last.
3. Don't go to Sears Auto for help.
4. Don't stress over a messy living room and broken window and dirty dishes in your sink.
5. Liz is not a patient person.

...and as I scroll through the pictures I put up here I see how great and blessed of a life I have.
If all of this were to be taken away from me...I wouldn't care if the office was clean or dirty.

....and a big thank you to my Mother in Love for buying a zoo pass for the year.
There are a lot of happy cousins!

P.S. My beautiful friend Sophia is asking for help writing a song.
It's a lovely song...but she's in need of lyrics. Take a listen and if you have any ideas, let her know!


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  1. Yeah, I couldn't imagine my husband not helping a stranded mama--->that's crazy talk. Although, sadly, I'm not surprised. Patience....what is that? :) Xo-Chris