Monday, September 28, 2015

The tradition that is candy corn.

It's been a little tradition in our house for a long time...since my boys were wee little lads..
....on the first day of fall, we eat candy corn. Not sure how exactly it started...but we've stuck to it.
I only eat one or two's not really a favorite of mine...but the kids, they love it.

We buy a bag from the orchard and September 23 open it to pay honor to the changing of the seasons.

It's not as fancy as it sounds...
...really, someone just says "Hey! It's the first day of fall...we can eat the candy corn!"
Bag is opened up, we eat it.

But it's fun nonetheless...and everyone looks forward to it.
Thus the tradition continues.

 We had a bonfire this celebrate birthdays... dad. two of our boys. {one who turned 18!!!}my brother. and a good friend of our's.

Everyone gathered around the it.
...and as I'm typing this I realized I NEVER ate a s'more! How did that happen?
Ugh...I want one now.

Outside has been perfect. Tomorrow brings rain and cooler temperatures.
It's always exciting this time of year...closing up windows. baking cinnamon muffins, crunchy leaves.
Everything is cozy. It's pretty to look outside.

I'll miss our clothes drying on the line and picking fresh herbs for my cooking...
...but I'm looking forward to tucking everyone back inside, playing Frank Sinatra and
warming our house with our wood stove.

I love the changing of seasons...I'm thankful we have all four here.
{Please remind me I said this during March-May..okay? Ha!}

Hope your week was off to a good start.

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