Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We do school at home.

Homeschooling #2

How do you do school when you have little ones running around interrupting?
Why, you let the Nanny take over of course.

Okay, so we don't all have a Fraulein Maria waiting upstairs in the nursery to sing to our children.
Real life...we do it alone.

Right now in our home we only have one little guy toddling around.
It's easier to teach since I have my older kids to help watch him.

It wasn't always this way though. It used to be me and five young ones.
When Tyler was in third grade and Alex was in first...
...I also had a four year old, a two year old and a six month old.

{Can you prevent babies from squirming off laps? ^^^ Yes, yes you can!
But that's a post for another time....and obviously something we are working on here. Ha!}

Here were 5 things I did to make teaching with little ones easier...
(Note: I said easier..Not perfect! ;)

1. Special "School Time" Activities.
{Special puzzles. Special coloring pages. Special toys.}

I incorporated the older kids watching and playing with the younger ones into the school day.
We would made a schedule together and I would let the older kids choose
which activity they wanted to do each day with a younger sibling.

While they played, I would teach the others.

The older kids learned how to entertain their younger siblings and keep them busy.
The younger kids learned to listen to and respect their older siblings.
I was able to teach without interruption. {for the most part}
Once they got used to this schedule...it worked beautifully!

2. Flexible Scheduling. 
If you make a strict-to-the-minute schedule and expect little ones to oblige...
...you're in for a surprise. You must be flexible. Things are going to happen.
I've found it better to have a routine rather than a schedule.

Do the same things in order each day and don't let the clock dictate you too much.
Use "abouts" and "ishs" ....about 12:00. 12:00-ish.
Life is easier this way.

3. A Good Routine.
Speaking of routines...kids like them. They like predictability.
They like knowing what's coming up next. They like to do the same things everyday.
It feels safe and comfortable.  Aren't we all sort of like that...morning coffee, shower...etc.

If something doesn't work out for the day...don't stress. It's okay.
I promise it isn't a big deal in the long run.

4. Be Creative.
Use nap time to teach. Teach in the evening. Teach outside or at the park!
Whatever works.

5. Stay Home.
The number one homeschool killer is being busy outside of the home.
When I stay home and stick to my routine....days run smoother. everyone is happier. everyone is healthier. {not joking..the less you are around the public, the more germs you avoid.Ha!}

The more you stay home, the more you will accomplish.
I find that when we are home more, we are less stressed and more at peace.

When we're running, running, running....mom is stressed, takes it out on dad and kids.
Dad gets stressed when mom is stressed. Kids get stressed when parents are stressed.
No one is happy!

The fine art of staying home is lovely. Take advantage.

These were a few ideas that worked for our family..if you have any ideas, please share!
Happy Schooling.


  1. Great great points. I agree.Enjoy these sweet years together. People used to ask, "How do you get so much done?" , especially in H.S. Stay home! We usually didn't start school til 9AM, the guys took a two hour lunch for roller hockey or guitar playing, and still FINISHED by 4 or 5, meaning NO HOMEWORK. And we did college prep...4 years Bible, HIstory, Science, Math, Literature and electives. We did have days off for field trips, and as you say...life happens. I only had the one little one...David was very active, I would always ask, "who wants to take the Bubba for a run??"

    Can your little guy get any cuter? Fall decor envy over here. It has been hard to get in the mood with our 80-90 weather.

  2. I echo this. Stay at home!! Amen. :) People look at me like I'm super woman because I home school, but i don't do HALF the stuff thay do. That's why it works for me. And I like the routine vs. schedule. I'll be using that term for myself. :) Your little man is so incredibly handsome. :)