Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Honeycrisp a Day....

Would you believe me if I told you I have never been apple picking until today?
It was our first time ever.

Alex works at the orchard and they gave him a certificate for 2 bags of free apples...
 ..OR a half of a bushel if you pick your own.
Last year, he grabbed the bags. This year I told him he has to pick so he gets twice as many honeycrisps!
{because he's an employee and they're HIS apples... I was thinking of him. cough.}

He said he's fine with the bags, but if his mom wants to pick..well. So of course...we did.
It was a perfectly perfect day. The orchard was gorgeous....and I had the best little helpers.

Frankie loved it! We turned around and caught him eating his first big apple ever.
He ended up chomping through the whole apple. and then another. and another.
and after we got home...another!

If you haven't been out to Edwards Apple Orchard, you must!
It is my favorite. {and not just because they have the best doughnuts on the planet}

They are amazing there and the owners are just the sweetest.
If you live far, it's worth the drive. If you live close, I don't even have to tell you...
.... I'm sure you've been there already. Everyone goes to Edwards!

Happy Fall Day to You.

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  1. I have never been, I am a bit of an apple snob and will only eat Holiday Apples and a local Wisconsin Orchard (The Apple Barn in Elkhorn) is the only place that carries them. I have always wanted to venture over to Edwards just haven't done it yet!