Friday, October 2, 2015

I like your coffee selfies.

My husband prides himself on being unsocial on social media.
{*Note* He is on Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In and has a Twitter account...
....{but he lays low...hides in the shadows...he's socially incognito..
...uses his accounts only for his business and minimal personal use}

He calls Instagram - "Selfies, sunsets and food". Facebook is "The News"
It's funny and mostly true.

Lately I have read a few articles going around the web saying the same sort of thing.
One was called...."Alright, we know you love Starbucks."

I must say..scrolling though my Instagram feed I almost always come across
a Starbucks drink posted by one of my friends.

But you know what?..I like it!

I love seeing pictures of your coffee cups and sunsets and freshly baked pies and new throw pillows and your fancy braids and your fall decor and your babies  and your new shoes!!!
All of it! I love seeing pictures.

It's why we're on social media in the first place right? To see pictures and see what everyone is up to?
To be inspired and encouraged and hopefully encourage and inspire others.

Your pictures often inspire me. Make me smile.
All this to say...Keep posting away!!!

This Song played as I typed this out. So pretty.
This may be a repeat song, can't remember if I've ever posted it. One of my favorites.

If you need me on the morning of November 6...I'll be Here!
I am SO excited!

The next two days are going to be sunny and in the 50's. Hello Fall!
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.


  1. I love this post, because it is all SO true! My husband doesn't do social media and your husband's take on the two main outlets cracks me up because that is precisely why I left Facebook-->I wanted more photos and less opinions or "news." I love Instagram for that same reason--->pictures! I think that some people might feel as though it is a false representation of people and their lives, but I beg to differ. I think it is very representative of a "moment" in their life, but of course does not represent their entire life...that would just be silly to believe. :) Bits and pieces that we all choose to share with each other--->so cool! Love both of those songs and yay for the new Peanuts movie! xo-Chris