Thursday, November 12, 2015

Excuse me Christmas people while we dote on fall a little longer...

As I type this there are only 42 days. 15 hours. 43 minutes. Until Christmas.
13 days and we cut down our Christmas Tree!
14 days until the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
15 days and we decorate our house for Christmas...Ahhhh!!! I can barely contain myself!

Dashing through the snow...Falalala Laaaa....Christ the Savior is born....Oh Holy Night...

Close your eyes and think back to late August.
(Now open them so you can finish reading. ;)

You're thinking of apple orchards and sweaters and hot cider and cinnamon doughnuts and pumpkins.
You are anxiously waiting for your outside to turn bright and beautiful with golden, red and orange.
The crunchy leaves. The crisp mornings. The sounds of football cheers.

You. Love. Fall. We all love fall.

These are the thoughts I will dwell upon {as best as I can} for the next two weeks.
I will bask in the incredible season that is beloved autumn. The season of giving Thanks.

We will finish reading about Squanto and the Pilgrims.
We will talk of turkey and make thankful cards.

Happy Fall.


  1. LOVE that thankful banner and the acorns so much!! Great pictures, as usual! xo-Chris

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  3. You are putting my golden pumpkins to shame with your fabulous fall décor! Love everything about this!

  4. yes!!!! squeezing out the last of fall's goodness- and you know I'm not a big fall gal but even I have loved this fall this year!!! it's been the best ever. and... your love for it is a bit contagious too!!! ;))

  5. Oh so beautiful. Such rich color. I like that banner too! Even here, I am looking for those trees that turn, and how beautiful they are. I miss the days of pulling out all the Thanksgiving and Pilgrim books and reading them together. Looking forward to doing that with the grands someday.