Friday, November 13, 2015

Fashion Tip Friday~

I just finished reading the oh-so-popular book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up".

The book gets a little weird though once when she starts thanking all of her belongings
for their hard work. I just took it as you should be thankful for what you have.

It made a lot of sense though and it was inspiring.. fact, my house has {mostly} remained clean ALL week long because of one chapter!
I couldn't believe it. {more about this next week}

One of the things she said that I really loved....
"Don't downgrade your old clothes into lounge wear or pajamas".

Brilliant! Winter is coming. The days of being home and trying to stay warm are upon us.

While you are home, you still want to feel good about yourself, right?
I know when I feel like a slob, I feel lazy and tired.

Even if I end up wearing sweatpants all day I will still do my hair and make-up.
I don't necessarily think sweats are a bad idea if you do them right.

So get rid of your old clothes and get a few nice pieces to wear around your house.
Keep the two separate. Goodbye tattered old clothes. Hello cute sweat shirts.

She also makes mention of wearing nice pajamas to bed...not your old clothes.
You'll sleep better. ;)

There are lots of cute shirts and comfy pants out there that won't make you look like...
"I just rolled out of bed...three days ago."

So toss the old clothes that are worn and tired and get a few
nice things to wear when you're home. Cotton is cheap...just ask Target!

Fix up for yourself. It will keep your spirits up during those long cold months....
...and also keep you from being embarrassed if someone should come to your door unexpectedly. ;)

HaPpY Friday!

p.s. snuggly babies  are the BEST!

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  1. I read that book a few months ago and although I pretty much, in the way of organization, did all that she suggested-minus the end part about thanking your things-but hadn't exactly put into words why I did it. It made so much more sense after reading it though! I really like her part about only keeping the clothes that really make you happy. How many times do I wear things that are just ok, but not really making me happy :) As for the end part I kinda felt like she was making things into a god instead of thanking God for the things he gives us. I think she's a strange person to empty out all her purse just to give it a break for the night. btw you'd never think I'd read that book if you saw how my room looks tonight. ha!