Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The day before Thanksgiving.

For the eleventh year in a row we're hosting Thanksgiving at our house.
There will be almost 40 people coming over for the holiday. {different times, but they're coming}
I Love it!

Turkeys, potatoes and desserts are being made today.
Egg Nog is in the refrigerator.. punishable by sudden death if you drink before tomorrow.

This evening we are cutting down our Christmas Tree. {Yes in the dark...ask our children why}

Cinnamon rolls and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade tomorrow morning!
I can hardly contain myself.

Saturday is Jeff's birthday...(it's a big one too. ;)
Ahhh! I love this man SO much.

Finally are a couple of songs before we go full force Christmas music around here!

I want Jeff to take me on a walk for two.  {I have loved Brooke since American Idol...the one and only season I watched..
because of her! Ha! So glad she's making music.}

We can't ever get enough of these guys..they sound incredible even live.
I bought Jeff one of their vinyls for his birthday...Shhh!!! Don't tell! he's not getting it until Sunday.
I'm counting on him not reading my post. ;)....this song is on the album.

We have Nothing! to be afraid of.

What do we play on Thanksgiving at our house? Why The Perfect Dinner Music of course.

Have a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Aren't these pictures in the post fun?
I searched old Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade many to look at!

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  1. You, my dear, must have boatloads of energy. I had 14 for dinner and felt worn out. It was wonderful though. Thanksgiving is so good, to just gather and visit, feast, do puzzles, fun.
    The old photos are really great.
    blessings and xoxo