Monday, November 23, 2015

It happened so early.

Friday my kids could hardly contain themselves...okay, not just the kids.
Other people in the house were excited too. A snowstorm was in the forecast!

By Saturday afternoon we had 15 inches of snow on the ground.

This was very early in the season for us.
Snow usually doesn't happen around here until December.

You don't know how hard it has been.
15 inches of snow is like pouring Christmas spirit over your head
and making you swim in don't feel too Fall-ish or Thanksgiving-ish when
big, fat, sparkly snowflakes are falling down outside your window.

But I'm waiting. Patiently waiting. Wednesday we chop the tree. Friday we decorate the tree!
This week is all about the Turkey.

This little guy absolutely adored the snow. {it's official..he's just like the rest of the family}
After an hour outside, I took him in to warm up. He cried.

My children must have Nordic genes from somewhere down the line. They all dream of winter.

This article and this article have been popping up in my FB feed...maybe you've already read them?
If not, take a look...they will make you more content with the upcoming season.
{or not...if you're a super negative person, then nothing will help.
You'll just ride out winter complaining.}

I'm excited for winter.
I like the brisk air. I like the cozy fires in our wood stove. I like warm sweaters.

*Not to self...revisit this post in April when cold temperatures are in the forecast and you're discontent because everyone in California is swimming and planting flowers.

**One more note to self...In April, ignore the part you wrote about super negative people.
This doesn't apply to you.

....for now I will live in pre-winter bliss.
Did I mention we put our tree up this week? 


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  1. We are praying for the rain to really happen in California, if it does we maybe suffering landslides etc before April, but I love the idea of "attitude". My friend, buried in snow in N.Y., sent me that link about hygge last year. He lived with us once, and we have lots of good memories of that community snuggle in and enjoy life kind of thing. Our favorite memory was staying up half the night to bake "really good bread", that turned out rather rock like. It is doubly funny because he is a baker now.