Monday, December 21, 2015

The PERFECT friendly.unique.last minute Christmas gift Idea!

How about an old fashioned sleigh ride at Go Sleigh?!

Okay, so there is currently no snow on the ground in Northern Illinois..
..but you can bet your bottom dollar there will be soon.

When the snow finally does fly, you will have an adventure to look forward to.

What a sweet date it would make...
...sitting under a warm blanket together in the back of a sleigh, sharing a cup of hot cocoa.
{Think ahead...Valentines Day is not that far off!}

They've even had people get engaged on their sleighs. How romantic is that?
{Did you read that boyfriends who are dragging their feet? wink, wink}

They also have sleighs big enough for the whole family.
Give Grandpa and Grandma an outing with everyone for Christmas
instead of a boring box of Fannie Mae Mint Meltaways.

The property is absolutely beautiful.
I'm telling you, you're going to want to move in when you visit.

Their house, their barns, their's dreamy.

I'm posting this not to sound like a commercial,
but because I think it's a really unique idea to give as a gift.

Mike and Connie Walsh started Go Sleigh as “Countryside Christmas” in 2009 providing sleigh rides to the Chicagoland area. Their vision is to provide an enjoyable adventure for families and children during the Christmas and holiday season. 

P.S. I stole the paragraph above from their website.
P.P.S.S. I also stole all of these pretty images from their website.

I will not be disappointed.
Now go book a sleigh ride  {they have giftcards}
...this way you won't have to go near that over crowded, over priced, germ filled mall.

Happy Christmas Week.

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  1. These photos are beautiful! This looks very romantic and perfect! :)