Monday, December 28, 2015

After Christmas.

I can't believe Christmas is over.
Now we're in that weird phase between Christmas and the New Year...
....where the Christmas decor looks a little stale but I'm not quite ready to take it down.

Looking at it makes me sad because Christmas is over...
...but I'm also looking forward to that clean empty feeling that comes along with January.

Due to a water system problem, last minute shopping, late wrapping and a sick baby....
....Jeff and I pulled an all-night-er on Christmas Eve.

We haven't done that since we were 20 years old...(so about 4 years ago. ;)

The weekend has been crazy....I haven't been to sleep before 3:00 am since December 22.
I want a nap. A great big nap. Ha.

Christmas with a one year old is the Best!
He is so much fun. I think the other kids were more excited over him getting gifts than anything else.
It was so cute to watch them all.

And despite having a fever and his poor little ears hurting....He loved Christmas!

I love this family of mine so very, very much.
Especially the one giving me a kiss. I still melt when he looks at me.

I mailed out half of my Christmas cards. The rest are in the basket on the shelf in my kitchen.
If you are upset about not receiving a card from us this year..
...feel free to stop by our house at any time and pick your's up. Ha!

Outside is ferocious. Cold.Windy.Rainy.Icy.Snowy. Now it's acting like Chritmas weather.
Hope you're having a relaxing Monday.


  1. Adorable post, as always. Merry Christmas! Hope you got that great big nap that you needed. ~Shanda

  2. Such a gorgeous family. Your posts always make me smile. Happy New Year!!!!