Monday, January 4, 2016

Five things this Monday.

1. We celebrated just like the rest of the world with board games and sparkling apple-peach juice.
...and now we're in a fresh new year. and a fresh new January.

2. Snow finally came...after Christmas, but it came nonetheless. We love it.

3. While my sister was up here from Texas celebrating Christmas with us...
....she had her baby! at 29 weeks. We had a baby shower planned..instead there was a birth!
Maybe you followed along on her Instagram.   {if not, you can read about it there}
Baby Shaylene will be in the NICU for the next couple of months..but she is doing great.
Everyone is thankful.

4. We haven't started school yet....but today we took a trip to the library and checked out 1,000 books.
Go ahead, ask us any question you want about Ancient about 2 weeks.

 5. Dave Ramsey books are off the shelf. Big changes coming to our household.
{changes will be null and void when I am in the city, at Target or at the mall}

Happy new week, month, year!!!


  1. Love this! Happy New Year beautiful.

  2. I follow along but don't often comment but when I saw the pictures of your sister's baby I felt the need to comment and encourage everyone by telling you about our preemie granddaughter, born at 24 weeks 6 days, l lb 8 oz, 12" long. She is now seven years old, in first grade and has no issues -- our little miracle. You can see her on my blog. Praying your niece will do well and have no issues in the days ahead.

  3. Happy new year to your wonderful family !! Cinzia from Italy

  4. so glad God's hand was in everything w Gia and worked out the details as only He can. and #5!!! oh, girl. I feel ya!!! 😳🙈

  5. Your kids are beautiful- all of them! Wow that your sister had her baby while visiting! So glad she's doing so well! Happy New Year!