Friday, January 8, 2016

Fashion Tip Friday~

Welcome to Fashion Tip Friday, where you will learn how to be more fashionable.
Or at least know what's up even if you want to continue to dress out of style. {insert wink}

So here's a great trend.

What girl doesn't love to wear pretty, feminine ruffles?

This spring you will start to see them everywhere...if you haven't already.

I'm deciding between the dress above and the dress below to wear this summer....
{...courtesy of Anthropologie gift cards.
can we talk about how ridiculous their prices for simple cotton can be sometimes...}

I love the ruffled dress Sophia is wearing. I bought it forever ago....'s always been one of my favorites. Sadly it's a tad bit too small and won't fit her this summer.

{It's listed on my sister's Mercari site if you're interested.
...also check out her beautiful handmade winter bonnets...I love them.}

Hope you have a lovely winter-y weekend.
Tomorrow is snow and we will be going for a walk and baking banana bread.

Happy Friday.


  1. What a peach! Thanks for the tip darling!

  2. Cute black and white dress :)
    Maria V.