Monday, January 11, 2016

We do school at home.

Homeschooling #5
When you feel like giving up after weeks of no school because you now have lazy habits
and have basically turned into a sugar eating sluggard...Oh wait, maybe that's just me. ;)

Today was our first real day back at school since Christmas break.
I was NOT in a school sort of mood.
There was not one cell in my body that had a desire to teach.

I had a beautiful schedule and a beautiful plan I worked on over the weekend...
....but when today rolled around...Ugh.

The kids were all happy to get back on track.
It was me. I just wanted to sit with coffee and read blogs and watch old Doris Day episodes.
You know, important stuff.

After breakfast I handed the girls their workbooks hoping they didn't need me right away.
They did. Of course.

They couldn't understand the directions without having me explain.
I started having thoughts.....

"Were you listening the first half of the school year?"
"You can remember I said we're going to the park, but you can't remember what a verb is?"
"Does snow kill brain cells?"
"Why isn't The Doris Day Show a curriculum?"
"Could I write a Doris Day curriculum? Hmmm...."
"Forgetting parts of speech must come from your father's side."

It's days when I'm feeling lazy and selfish.
Days when the kids are bickering.
Days when everything is going wrong....
...that would make it easy to quit homeschooling.

You have bad days as a mom, but you would never stop being a mom!
You have bad days as husband and wife, but you aren't going to get a divorce!
You have bad hair days, but you're not going to shave your head over it!

So why quit if you have a bad day homeschooling?

Bad homeschooling days are going to happen.
It's NOT a reason to give up. You have to stay committed.

Remember all the reasons you started this adventure in the first place.
Nothing in life is perfect...even homeschooling.

Push through and conquer. You're better than a bad day. {or a lazy day in my case}
God will give you the grace you need to get through it.

You can do it Moms.
You just need to stop and focus.

When I focus on each of my kids and actually look at them as individuals that need to learn
instead of a group of kids I have to teach... I feel guilty!
They are depending on me!

Being a Mom is a big job. an honor. a blessing. a gift from God....with eternal rewards.
It's makes being a couch potato for a day look selfish and awful.

Those little {and big} people are depending on you.
Whether it's homeschooling or just motherhood in general....
...take your roll seriously. You're the one they need ever so much.
You are...Mom.



  1. love your attitude in life.. how you can always turn something around to positive!! ❤️ you're a great mama, friend.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Needed to hear that!

  3. Truth. After losing it with one of my kids yesterday, I really needed this.

  4. Truth. After losing it with one of my kids yesterday, I really needed this.

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  6. Wow,thanks for this. You have no idea how I needed this. I was shopping around yesterday for a good Christian school. I homeschool,but I was completely done. Its so encouraging to know other moms have these feelings. *sigh* I will now keep going. Thanks:) * love your blog*