Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Things I love about winter #37.

I know I am in the minority when I say this.....but I love winter. I do.
I love all seasons because there are little {and big} things to love about each one.

One of the things I love about winter is the midday light.
It's so crisp and bright and clean. {but also shows all the dust and little finger prints...Ha!}

Sammy found this ladder in a burn pile......I confiscated it from him since
I'm the Mom and it would be used for the good of the whole family...
I told Jeff I wanted something fun done with it....He created this for my kitchen ceiling.
He's so great.

...helping his brothers get wood...can you see the little piece in his left hand?
That kept the fire going for a while. ;)

This chart was posted on Facebook over the weekend...
...I'm sure all my Chicago friends will appreciate it. it's so funny and quite a bit true.

Except I have faith in the Cubbies!!! 2016 is their year!

Happy Winter Days.


  1. looooove the ladder!!!! now i need to go find me one :) i like winter too...i just wish it was 3 months instead of 5 ;)

  2. love how the ladder/ light turned out. i remember when you text me about the idea. ;) winter is growing on me too.. maybe i'm getting old. but i find it cozy. and of course, pretty!!

  3. Great ladder and light! Perfect for dry bunches. Ha, we may have tried to turn the heat on before 50 degrees. Though we don't turn it on too often, and just use fleece and blankets :)

  4. David and I love to go to the Chiropractor at night and blast the heat in the car! We both run cold, and laugh at our excitement to crank the heat when dad isn't with us.