Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ode to Cheese...Happy National Cheese Lover's Day.

Growing up I'd have a piece of American cheese on a sandwich or cheddar on my taco.
At the age of seventeen I was introduced to cream cheese at a church brunch... that point, I would have considered myself well rounded in the cheese world.

Then I met Jeff. Cheese King of the universe.

"I love cheese" he said. "Me too!" I agreed.
I soon came to realize his love ran a bit deeper than the Romano blend I thought was so fancy.

Jeff ate cheese in chunks, not slices. Jeff made meals out of cheese.
His motto..."Everything is better with cheese".
He's right.

In the past few years we have become lovers of the cheese spread.
We always  put out a simple cheese spread at Thanksgiving and New Year's....
...simple because other foods trump holidays..silly old turkey.

However, I am super excited to go all out with my sister this upcoming weekend
at an event we get to help her and her husband cater. {pictures next week..I promise!}

So in honor of National Cheese Lover's Day...
...a few fun facts I've learned about putting out a cheese tray.

1. Cheese should be eaten at room temperature...make sure to take cheese out an hour before serving.
2. On a cheese tray, have a variety..but usually no more than five to six choices.
3. Figure an ounce of cheese per cheese per person.
4. While eating cheese,you want to start with the most mild and work your way up to the sharpest.
5. Pair cheese with crackers, breads, dried berries, fresh fruit, nuts and even olives!

If you live in Chicago or New York...check out this place.
They have an amazing cheese selection. {amazing everything selection..I love it there.}

...and can we please just take a moment for this wedding cake made completely of cheese?
{sorry no photo credit..I found this circling the internet with no link back to where it came from}

I think Jeff would plan a whole wedding and marry me again this weekend to have this cake!

Now go eat a piece of cheese to celebrate the day.
Cheese is everywhere...and the plethora in today's grocery store leaves
you no excuse to try something new.

Happy Cheese Day.


  1. I come from a cheese-maker family... I LOVE CHEESE. When my parents got married their cake was giant wheels and blocks of Swiss, Cheddar and a variety of cheeses :)

  2. just ate cheese for lunch- old cheddar, my fav. 😊 fun post!!

  3. I'm with Jeff...yum, cheese!