Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hey Ladies...Here are 10 things you need to hear.

It was late in the evening....
I had just finished giving Jeff a verbal list of what HE has been
doing wrong lately concerning our marriage.

There was a lot I had to say. Other women would've been "Amen-ing" all over my little lecture.

With arrogant confidence  a self righteous attitude a poor, heart broken....I went up to bed...alone.
He said he was going to finish taking care of some things and would be upstairs in a minute.

Head on my pillow, I opened up my iPad to read a little when what to my surprise should pop up!?
 10 Ways to Win Your Spouse Over  

Look how the Lord provides....I knew this was probably just what Jeff needed to hear.
Thinking we could read over the list "together" I quickly started scanning to see if it was up to par.

It took all of 3 minutes for me to feel horrible. HORRIBLE!!!

{Thank you Darlene Schacht for once again opening my eyes to the self centered-ness that is in me.}

The Time Warp Wife listed 10 ways to keep your marriage alive. 10 ways to be a good wife.

Number 1. Don't compare him to other men.
I wasn't comparing him to other men....but I was comparing us to other couples.
You know, the perfect couples that vacation every weekend in Hawaii and go on romantic dates every single night. You don't know anyone like that? Riiiiiggght...because they don't exist!

Number 2. Don't try to fix him.
Guilty. I was doing fixing...or at least trying to.

Number 3. Pray for him daily.
I pray for get to work and home safe each day, to have a good day...but pray for him?
...REALLY pray for him...I've been lazy about praying for my husband.

Then I got to Number 9...Out serve him.
Wow! I have NOT been doing this.

I had a lot to say about his time management, yet my little schedule could use some tweaking.

If you're going to call someone to the carpet, you better make sure you vacuumed your own rug first.
Yes, I had reason to be upset...but the way I handled it could have been better.

I also let myself be blinded to what I was doing wrong.
I absolutely love Time-Warp Wife.Her story is amazing and she always points me in the right direction.

Marriage can be tough sometimes...but it's also one of the greatest gifts on the planet!
Don't waste precious time letting silly things get in the way of the two of you.

So read her list of 10 ways and be encouraged.

Now go love your spouse.


  1. good good stuff. and this part - "if you're going to call someone to the carpet, you better make sure you vacuumed your own rug first." haha, so true. appreciate your tender heart, friend. xo

  2. If you're going to call someone to the carpet, make sure your rug is vacuumed first... Love it!

  3. But...but. I had you in that perfect couple category. ;) Don't disappoint me so.

    Good words. I love your brief and humorous way of writing, not weighted with wordiness.

  4. Such good points. I found I really like encouragement from my hubby. Amazing thing, it works both ways!