Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A movie concerning your chocolate cake falling apart...on National Chocolate Cake Day.

What do you do when your chocolate cake that you worked SOOOO hard on
crumbles to pieces on National Chocolate Cake Day?

1. You can cry.
2. You can visit your nearest bakery.
3. You can choose to Not eat chocolate cake...but really...what kind of person would do that?
4. You can turn your cake into a shake! {Hey..if Portillo's can do it.....}

The Chocolate Cake Shake....
{Let me tell you..WOW! Not sure which is better? The cake or the shake?}

Last year's Chocolate Cake movie {if you're interested}

And I know the world doesn't really like him anymore....but Bill's chocolate cake story.
...I crack up every.single.time.

HaPpY NaTiOnAl ChOCoLaTe CaKe DaY!!!
Let them eat cake....


  1. so cute!! made me smile.
    love u guys!!

  2. Love the wrap up by Frankie, and how he was happily stirring away during the making of the cake. Glad the crumbs made great shakes! I am going to make chocolate zucchini cake today :)

  3. My heart is literally melting right now. I read your blog and look at your photos and am just grinning from ear to ear... ! Love you Liz!

  4. you two make beautiful babies...who turn into beautiful children. true story.

  5. Oh my goodness, I think I need to start taking more videos. This is the cutest!