Friday, January 29, 2016

Fashion Tip Friday.

The midst of winter.
The time where we feel the most UN-beautiful.

Our skin is dry and faded and pasty from the lack of sunshine on our face.
We're trying to break our sugar addictions and get back into a healthy routine...
....but sweet treats still call. {Oh this is such a hard one for me!}

I long for a tan. healthy hair. brighter eyes. a less tired body.
and quite honestly...I get tired of those chunky sweaters I was so excited about back in October.
How about you?

Sometimes all I need is a little inspiration to get back on the right track.
a picture of someone pretty. an article written.
a recommendation of something wonderful from a friend.
{sometimes seeing myself in a dressing room is inspiration enough...Ha!}

My sisters ^ sisters and I would like to be your inspiration this winter!
During the month of February we will be sharing and hosting and giving!

We will share some of our favorite beauty products. beauty tips. clothing ideas.
By the end of February you will feel like a brand new new you. {or at least be a little inspired}

Looking forward to February.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Can't wait ;)...I need a kick in the pants to shed this extra baby flab....but how are you going to get me the tan that I'm craving? The sun was shining so pretty, and just when I thought I could sneak out for a few minutes...the clouds took over. It's still a good day, right ;)?

  2. ooo...this sounds fun!!! and you 5 are just stunning! seriously beautiful :)