Monday, February 22, 2016

The Monday after a long weekend.

We spent the weekend at Jeff's aunt and uncle's cabin in the Ozark Mountains....
..where his aunt spends her days in the kitchen and everything..EVERYTHING is made from scratch.
...even the feta cheese.

{I took some of her sour dough starter home and I can't wait to make her bread.
I've yet to make sour dough bread that I love! Her's was perfect...hoping mine turns out half as good.}

It's the land Jeff grew up on with his family.
{...before they moved up to Chicago...which I'm happy about!}
Our boys did NOT want to leave. Most of the weekend they were out exploring in the woods.

Jeff took the boys up to a waterfall for devotions early Saturday morning.
How great is that? You take a 20 minute hike out your front door and
you're at a pretty little waterfall. Their land really is a dream.

The weather was lovely for February...70's and made me a bit antsy for spring.

Jeff's mom and aunt. ^

{....when you're married to a prankster and you ask for one nice picture.}

My friend Beth who is raising 6 boys and lives in Arkansas drove 2 hours!!! to where we were to come visit us. As you can see, her littlest guy was very enthusiastic about having his picture taken. Ha!

We arrived back home around 3:00 this morning....I have felt so lazy all day long....
...I'm still in weekend getaway mode.

Hope your week is off to a great start.

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  1. your time away looks great! and Beth...❤️❤️!! love the shot too of Jeff n the boys. yep. I get that pose often as well. ����